Apitourism (also known as bee tourism) gives a fresh approach to eco conscious travel. It invites you on a journey into the fascinating world of bees, presenting you with the country’s cultural heritage and natural beauty.
In Slovenia, a country of unique apiculture with a long beekeeping tradition, apitourism offers a new kind of holiday with a positive impact:

Bee Healthy

Try out a restorative apitherapy treatment, from honey massages to beehive air.

Bee Active

Enjoy a cycling tour along the panoramic Beekeeping route.

Bee Playful

Visit a museum of apiculture and a 200-year-old restaurant which makes delicious heart-shaped honeybread. Make one yourself to bring some sweetness back home.

Bee Pleased

Enjoy honey tasting while learning about the amazing world of bees. Indulge in sweet honey delicacies and take pleasure in the local api-cuisine.

Bee Yourself

Meet local beekeepers, talk to them. Enter their homes and open your heart to their stories. Learn the deeply humbling realization about how the lives of people and bees are inextricably intertwined.

Local beekeepers

Apitourism (from the Latin apis which means bee) is unique to Slovenia as it is the first – and only – country to certify apitourism providers.

For more information about api-holidays in Slovenia check out ApiRoutes. The tourism company offers bee-focused programmes and api experiences that inspire, educate and enrich life.